Steam made by small compact steam boiler units




Steam Boilers
Types DT & DTM

Stand-alone boiler units
Containerised solutions
Skid-mounted units
Trailer solutions



Horisontal Design

Vertical Design





Steam Capacities



From 70 and up to  3,000 kg/hour


Working Pressures From 3 and up to 190 bar

Energy Source
(Fuel / Electric)
Natural gas, LPG, bio-gas, light and heavy fuel oil, combinations hereof, - and electricity (electrical heating).

(Utilisation of Energy)
90 - 94% (basic efficiency)
95 - 97% (w. economizer etc.)
The Product General Description


The System Typical Flow Diagram


Data & Dimensions Sketches & Tables


Chimney / Flue Gas Outlet Design & Lay-out - Stack


Flue Gas Data How to Calculate - Flue Gas


Special Executions Mobile Steam
on skid, container or trailer

High Steam Pressures
and high temperatures

Clean Steam
made on stainless steel boilers

ensuring flue gas heat recovery


Alternative Boiler Types Economical Steam Boilers

Fire-tube Steam Boilers 

Electric Steam Boilers

Thermal Oil - Instead of Steam

Thermal Oil Heaters (Technical details)

Hot Water (high temperature & pressure)

Other Boilers



Service & Supervising

Design & Trouble Shooting


Steam Properties Steam Table







 Steam Generator Boilers in Strong & Reliable Design










- in the long run !

 The key argument for buying and investing in an AB&CO solution. Low total life-cycle cost (LCC) is guaranteed, since LCC include not only purchase, but also operation and maintenance cost, - and a life-time of many years.
 On top of this comes the environmental features that meet the future demands.



AB&CO are a well-known Danish steam boiler manufacturer established back in 1988, who have specialized in small and medium-sized industrial boilers in individual designs as complete units, including container solutions.

The Steam Generator Boilers types DT & DTM are all tailor-made  industrial steam boilers for small steam capacities. The special compact water-tube design gives a small internal steam/water compartment.

Type DT & DTM offers fast start-up, modest heat losses during hot stand-by (idle) and an extreme safety during operate (no risks for steam explosions). Even though the investment in this type is thus somewhat higher than the cheapest alternatives on the market, the quality and the special technical features ensure that the long term costs are still much lower.






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   [ Power Ratings 150 - 1200 kg/h ]



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