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Saturated Steam made by Electrical Resistance







Electric Steam Boilers
Types DH

Stand-alone boiler units
Containerised solutions
Skid-mounted units




Steam Capacities



From 5 and up to  1,500 kg/hour


Working Pressures From 3 and up to 40 bar

Energy Source Electrical power - Voltages up to 690 V

The Product General Description

Dimensions Sketches - Horizontal & Vertical

Data & Sizes Smaller Steam Boilers - type DH

Large Steam Boilers - type DH2


Special Optional

Mobile Steam (skid/container/trailer)

High Pressures (high temperatures)

Clean Steam (sanitary steam)



Low-cost 'Electric Steam Boilers'

Compact Steam Generator Boilers

Fire-tubes Boilers (conventional boilers)

Thermal Oil - Instead of Steam

Thermal Oil Heaters (Technical details)

Hot Water (high temperature & pressure)



Design & Trouble Shooting

Service & Supervising


Steam Properties

Steam Data  - Table







Vertical Model  ~ 200 kg/h / 20 bar




Horisontal Model  ~ 1500 kg/h / 20 bar






- in the long run !

 The key argument for buying and investing in an AB&CO solution. Low total life-cycle cost (LCC) is guaranteed, since LCC include not only purchase, but also operation and maintenance cost, - and a life-time of many years.
 On top of this comes the environmental features that meet the future demands.



AB&CO are a well-known Danish steam boiler manufacturer established back in 1988, who have specialized in small and medium-sized industrial boilers in individual designs as complete units, including container solutions.

The electric steam boilers type DH & DH2 are industrial steam boilers especially designed for demanding conditions. Compared to other electrical steam boiler on the market, the DH has a substantial longer lifetime.  As many customers express: "You cannot kill it!". Both type steam boilers can be delivered skid-mounted with feed water tank, water treatment and blow-down facility as shown above.





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